This is the color I am told to strive for on URAL NGK BP7HS plugs. Note: There’s lists out there naming “equivalent” plugs. The gurus I consulted say they’re too hot for Urals. Use at global . I am sticking with the above.

Particularly useful in areas of the country where it gets really hot (like here in Phoenix!), a velour or carpet cover will help protect your dashboard from ugly cracking. Cheap versions can be at the swap meet or flea market but for a gift, why not go to your local junkers near me and order one custom made in a color matching the interior with either the monogram of your auto enthusiast or the logo of the make of his vehicle embroidered on the edge?

The product that the dealership uses is often the same as one that you can find in your friendly neighborhood auto parts store near me. So instead of having the dealerships do it, it would be more logical to do it yourself.

If the thought of working on your car in the dead of winter scares you, there is an answer for that. Switching to synthetic oil can greatly increase the miles between oil changes. This can get anyone through the coldest part of the season. In the fall, check your belts, check all other fluids, change your oil and you should be good to go until the early spring thaw.

Now however in Portland, Oregon we have had a company purchase most of these wrecking yards like “You Pull It” and “Foster Auto Parts”. LKQ has purchased most of these businesses.

advance auto parts near me Next, we took cutters and snapped off the remaining shredded belt. This isn’t recommended. It’s better to locate the tension pulley (the pulley that keeps the belt snug on all the other pulley’s and pumps), take the pulley ratchet and push it counter clockwise. You might have to use another tool (i.e. a hollow bar) for added leverage, as sometimes the tension pulley is difficult to budge. Remove the old belt.

Next, I check both spark plugs, found them both coated with dark soot. Cleaned them off the best I could and ordered new ones. Black soot means the air/fuel mixture on the rig was running too rich or too much fuel. junkyards near me to find one’s spark plug ends on a Ural is a light brown or “caramel” color. More on how to adjust the air/fuel mixture later.